About us

About us

perisens GmbH was founded in 2009 as spin-off of the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and is a dedicated team of RF and signal processing specialists located near Munich, Germany. We offer services and products in the field of radar technology and communication systems in frequency ranges up to 90GHz.

Dr. Florian Pfeiffer

Dr. Florian Pfeiffer

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Florian Pfeiffer, leads perisens, developing the company’s strategic direction and vision. Before founding perisens, he has served in the automotive industry. He is a technical expert in radar and communication technologies and is giving a lecture about automotive radar technology at the University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt.

Prof. Dr. Erwin Biebl

Prof. Dr. Erwin Biebl

Technical consultant & Founder

Erwin Biebl has over 20 years experience in millimeter wave and automotive radar technology. He is head of the institute for microwave engineering at the Technical University of Munich.


Radar Workshop
Our CEO Dr. Florian Pfeiffer gives you insights about automotive radar technology covering the following topics:

  • Radar as key technology for automotive sensing
  • Radar fundamentals
  • Measurement principles for distance, velocity (Doppler) and direction of arrival
  • Automotive sensor performance (24 vs. 77/79GHz, radar vs. other sensor technologies)
  • Fundamentals of signal processing (from the input signals to high-level objects)
  • Integration of radar sensors into a vehicle
  • Radar calibration and radar cover (radome) measurement techniques

Contact us for on-site workshops

Next public workshop on 21th November, 2019 in Graefelfing (near Munich)
at our partner TACTRON (klick here for more information)

We Moved to a New Office!
We moved to a new office in Feldkirchen b. München (10min from Munich Trade Fair). Our team is growing and the space at our old location was tight. With 400 square meters, the new premises offer us plenty of space for laboratory and office use.

Thanks for everyone’s support through the years!

Here you find our new adress and telephone number.

Visit us at MATLAB EXPO
We presented a method using the WLAN Packet Preamble to evaluate properties of a multi-path channel at the MATLAB EXPO on 2nd July 2019 in Munich.

The multi-path reflections in the wireless channel distort the WLAN signals and limit the achievable data rates. We present our methods to evaluate the wireless channel using the WLAN packet preamble.

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