Our name perisens derives from the terms PERI|pherals and SENS|ors and stands for automotive environmental sensor technology. We support car manufacturers and suppliers in the field of radar technology. We have many years of experience in evaluation of concepts and products, the optimization and evaluation of sensor integration, the development of RF hardware and signal processing algorithms, as well as the execution of simulations and measurements. We can support in a single step of the R&D cycle or provide a complete solution.

We provide

  • Characterization of materials at 24GHz and 77/79GHz
    (plastic, paint and absorbing materials)
  • Solutions for radar covers (radomes)
    • Design of radar transparent covers (e.g. emblems)
    • Thickness matching (e.g. of painted bumpers)
    • Evaluation of prototype and production samples with
      • Imaging reflection measurement (75.7 to 77.7 GHz)
      • Imaging transmission/attenuation measurement (76 to 81 GHz)
      • Broadband transmission measurement (60 to 90 GHz)
  • Radar target evaluation
    • RCS (Radar Cross Section) measurements at 77GHz
    • Identification of scattering centers
    • Measurement of ground reflectivity
    • Modelling of targets
  • Radar sensor evaluation
    • Concept evaluation
    • FMCW signal analysis
    • Measurement with real and simulated targets in an anechoic chamber
  • Full wave simulations
  • RF Hardware design
    (from antenna to complete radar sensor)
  • Radar signal processing and algorithm development
  • Studies and development of concepts
  • Workshops


Besides Radar we also deal with optical LIDAR sensors. Thus, we can provide a full characterization of sensor covers at millimeter and near infrared wavelength.

We provide

  • Reflection measurements
  • Transmission measurements
  • Studies


perisens assists the development and evaluation of wireless communication systems from physical layer (PHY layer) to lower network layer (MAC layer). One of our main focus is coexistence of automotive wireless systems. With a continuously increasing number of wireless systems in a vehicle (e.g. WiFi for internet applications, Bluetooth for hands-free telephony, Kleer for wireless headphones) it gets more and more important to investigate the systems’ interference and the influence of external signals. Disturbances have to be identified and suitable countermeasures have to be developed at an early state. In the investigations we examine influences over the entire transmission path: from degradations at the physical layer (PHY layer) up to effects at the lower network layer (MAC layer).

We provide

  • Channel measurements and models
  • Labaratory and field measurements
  • PHY and MAC layer evaluation
  • Coexistence analysis
  • Studies and development of concepts

RF Engineering

perisens provides consultancy and research and development services in RF, microwave, and millimeter wave technology. We are experienced with projects in the frequencies starting at several megahertz (e.g. 13.56MHz RFID systems) well into the high gigahertz-band (e.g. 77GHz automotive radar). We serve our customers in the development of better products or in the development of methods and technical innovations.

We provide

  • RF simulations
  • RF measurements up to 90GHz
  • Development of RF hardware
  • Studies and development of concepts
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